Garrett Shultz - BEAUtiful

Stream “BEAUtiful” by Garret Shultz on Artist Sounds. Country Artist Garrett Shultz has been on a wave lately and with the release of his new single “BEAUtiful”, he looks to keep things going in full motion. This time around the up and coming sensation chose to cater to the ladies and send a message of chivalry and compassion over top of some beautiful acoustic-driven production. Garrett Shultz has been very particular about his catalog, making wise selections on his beat choice and writing style. He knows what a hit is and never fails to deliver one for the people who support him most. “BEAUtiful” is a song designed to let ladies know that their beautiful regardless of what they’ve been through, or what the world is telling them. We need more of this sentiment being pressed upon the mainstream so shout out to Garrett for initiating the movement. Follow Garrett Shultz on Spotify to hear more tracks from the emerging Country heartthrob. Stream “BEAUtiful” be Garrett Shultz on Artist Sounds now.

Vinny Hughescountry