Ghetto MC - Pound (Feat. Chase2FS)


Stop what you're doing and check out this new single from Ghetto MC titled 'Pound' featuring Chase2FS of 2FS Music on Artist Sounds. Ghetto MC is a polished lyricist making noise out of Staten Island, NY. According to the artist "Pound" is short for Tre Pound. Tre Pound is my crew from Vanderbilt Ave (Parkhill Projects) Staten island Island NY. Coming up we all sold drugs, gambled, chased chicks, drank and smoked weed together. So it's just like an ode to my team and the good times we've had together. Its also a play of the handshake (pound), the number 5 in 3-dice ceelo (pound) and the hashtag (pound) so a triple entendre of sorts. You can stream this song and more free when you connect with the artist on Soundcloud.

Artist Soundshiphop, rap