Gone Gr3y - Black Mask

Listen to “Black Mask” by Gone Gr3y on Artist Sounds. Gone Gr3y is a new Trap rapper on the rise, making noise out of Yonker’s, NY. He recently dropped a banging new single entitled “Black Mask” on Spotify for his listeners to go check out and provide feedback on, and boy did they! Upon the songs initial release, Gone Gr3y has received a substantial amount of fan engagement across his social media platforms which indicated that he had hit his mark. “Black Mask” is an edgy and aggressive Trap record that allows Gone Gr3y to expose his more gritty side and also open up his lyrical arsenal a little more than he typically would. His conviction and passion translates heavily through his music as well, making it easy to feel what he’s saying just as much as you hear it. Tap in and make sure you follow Gone Gr3y on Spotify so you can stay looped in on all of his new drops and things of that sort. Stream “Black Mask” by Gone Gr3y now on Artist Sounds.

Vinny Hughesrap