Grace Gaustad - Smokeclouds

Stream the new song “Smokeclouds”, by Grace Gaustad now on Artist Sounds. Grace Gaustad has been on a steady uprise as of late,and her run in 2019 looks to continue with the release of her new single “Smokeclouds”. This song released via SoundCloud recently and since then has been a new fan favorite for Grace. The melodic vi be of this record really makes it a standout, and her vocal tone and lyrics are all arranged in a way that is infectious and pleasurable to the listener. Her consistency and work ethic up to this point have been the major reason her music has gravitated to the masses so quickly. She’s not the typical Pop singer, that just fishing for a catchy hook to get stuck in your head. Grace Gaustad brings substance to the Pop genre that has captivated music lovers worldwide, and will continue to do so! Follow her on SoundCloud to stream more music from the rising Pop star! Listen to “Smokeclouds” now by Grace Gaustad on Artist Sounds.

Tiana Malonepop