Gramz - Thumpa City (Mixtape)


Stop what you’re doing and check out the latest release from Gramz titled “Thumpa City” on Artist Sounds. Gramz is an up and coming Hip Hop recording artist based in Joliet, Illinois. Gramz gives Hip Hop music fans just about everything they could want out of a mixtape. After going silent for awhile Gramz decided it was time to drop some tunes for old and new fans of his. If your listening to Gramz for the first time you may hear some semblance between his sound and Young Thugs - however one could say that Gramz is the more lyrical artist. Gramz tells his story well in this new project that is filled with records meant to tell a story and ones you can just bop to. Gramz isn't shy about giving fans access to his lifestyle outside of the music and isn't scared to share those moments with complete strangers. Stream the entire project right now and grab a free download while you still can on Spinrilla.

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