Groovy & Dat Guy 3rd - Til' I Explode (Music Video)

Stop what you're doing and check out the official music video for the song "Til' I Explode", by Groovy & Dat Guy 3rd on Artist Sounds. The song was originally released as a single on the collab cd "3&G Vibes, Chapter 1", which is available for free streaming on SoundCloud. For the video the two recording artists teamed up with visionary videographer Eighty DaMayor who delivered on his part and helped get the point across of a deep introspective record. For those of you who aren't familiar with Groovy & Dat Guy 3rd - the two artists look to express their individual lives through music. For example: knowing he'd have the opportunity to look back on this moment one day (Groovy decided to include three cameos of his sons) that he can show them when they get older. Like "hey, this is what daddy was going through at this particular moment in his life". Don't sleep on this record and be sure to connect with the artists on social media and SoundCloud to be notified about their latest digital releases.

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