Gutterat - Live or Die

Gutterat is pioneering a new genre of Punk Rock music called Gutter Rock. Gutter Rock draws from the high energy of the classic punk sounds and aims to add a melodic surf rock element to the mix. Another aspect of Gutter Rock is that it tries to separate itself from the modern overly-produced, effect-heavy mark of modern music. Instead it aims to sound very raw and true to the sounds of the guitars, amps, drums, and vocals as if it were recorded in a garage. Jon Wu is the artist behind Gutterat and he is looking to add members to his project. Gutterat's first track, Live or Die, is about the harsh realities of homelessness. It portrays a bleak picture of a homeless man who is constantly neglected by all of the people, businesses, and institutions surrounding him. The song hopes to draw attention to how neglected the homeless in the city are, and to illustrate the hopelessness of the world from their perspective. Connect with the artist to be in the know when new music drops by following Gutterat on SoundCloud.

Tiana Malonerock