Hak7m Faraji - C I R C U S

hak7m faraji

Check out C I R C U S by Hak7m Faraji on Artist Sounds! Hak7m Faraji is an rapper based in Atlanta, Georgia. The son of two underground MCs, hip-hop has always been his passion, using his personal experiences to create dynamic soundscapes. Infusing lyricism with glitchy instrumentation, Faraji transforms his stresses into a lyrical phenomenon. C I R C U S is a reply to the mass undoing of the mind, touching on Faraji's own vices while describing the culture of his hometown. Written and composed by Faraji himself, C I R C U S is a satirical response to the state of rap culture and its connection to drug culture. Give it a listen on SoundCloud and keep an eye out for more of Hak7m Faraji's work.

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