Halfway Human - Burr On The Cat

Stop what you’re doing and stream the song ‘Burr On The Cat’ by HALFWAY HUMAN on Artist Sounds. For those of you who aren’t familiar with HALFWAY HUMAN; it is a music group comprised of electro-rap duo Chris Rainham and Dylan Sutherland of Waterloo. Chris came up with the name while on his way to the beer store on a broke snowy afternoon he said to himself 'I'm gonna need 6 beers to feel halfway human'. And from there Dylan liked the name so they went with it. Dylan started coming up with concepts of what this double entendre could mean.

According to the artist: “I was in a really spiritual frame of mind at the beginning of us hanging out and him playing me all his beats. I was sober. Recently free of many personal problems and substance addictions. Chris was drunk. All the time. Dealing with the death of his Father who was immense for him as a counselor, shoulder to lean on and always had the right words to ease his mind. So I felt like I was 150 percent human and Chris was only 50 percent so then came the idea to speak about this through the lyrics. I kept writing, listening and just thinking clearer and deeper than at any time of my life. So I turned the concept into a hopeful futuristic outlook of what I envision humanity's future being. On how to deal with pain.”

“Life is suffering so to ease the fact that you're going to die, I thought that's the point, to live with this pain begin to choose to face it head on and not be in fear, To let your pain inspired you to find what you love to do, so you don't have to think and feel this way. And when you die, that pain disappears, so really, enjoy and let go of the sense that everything is happening to you and understand we all experience this. This album to me is a series of vivid dreams that come from the same place but leads you towards your many different emotions,” he says. Don’t sleep on this song or this duo - you can stream more of their work right now on SoundCloud.