Head Twister - Get Get Down

Following the video for his lead single “Pump It Up”, up and coming emcee Head Twister is back with another banger for his fans to enjoy entitled “Get Get Down”. This time leaning to Spotify to publish his record the rising Hip-Hop sensation comes through with another vibe that high energy and uptempo. It seems like Head Twister has a knack for the turn-up Records and has been consistent in his delivery on those since his debut. He’s an artist that uses his charisma and energy to win over his audience and garner fans. He’s the epitome of the phrase that “consistency is key” and has implemented the philosophy perfectly in regards to his approach to the music and sound. You can’t stop a man that won’t stop working, and that is certainly true about Head Twister as he continues to reign the underground Hip-Hop scene. Follow HeadTwister on Spotify now to stream his whole catalog and get familiar. Listen to “Get Get Down” by Head Twister now on Artist Sounds.

Tiana Maloneelectronic