Head Twister - Pump It Up (Official Music Video)

Turn up with the new official video for Head Twister’s new single entitled “Pump It Up” on Artist Sounds. This record is all about turning up and getting yourself on the move and the video translates the concept perfectly. A lot of times artists choose to put out records simply because they’re catchy and they feel like that’s the key component to hit record. The problem is, just because something is catchy doesn’t mean it’s hot. Head Twister understands this and has mastered the ability of being able to craft a catchy record that still has a message. This has been his main formula for success up to this point and the essential reason he has seen such avid growth in his fanbase this year. He looks to remain consistent and continue dropping high quality content as much as possible but by the looks of this new visual for “Pump It Up”…he should definitely have his fanbase held over for now. Subscribe to Head Twister now on YouTube to stream more of his songs and videos. Watch the official video for “Pump It Up” by Head Twister on Artist Sounds.