Hoody Buckz - Tr!ppy Sh!t


Hailing out of Niagara Falls, NY, rapper Hoody Buckz is winning over rap music fans with his latest release 'Tr!ppy Sh!t' on Artist Sounds. The song boasts heavy bass, a catchy hook and some clever bars from the young rapper. With under 5 songs on Soundcloud, Hoody Buckz is clearly a new artist and in the process of building up his discography. It's actually refreshing to catch an artist so early in his career! You get to see them in a period where they can truly tell their story and from the beginning. The best way to build a fan base is by telling stories with your music and using albums as your chapters. Get familiar with Hoody Buckz now and join him on his musical journey by connecting with him on Soundcloud for free listening.

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