Isaiah McLaughlin dropped a song called "Narcissist"


Stop what you’re doing and check out a new record from Isaiah McLaughlin called “Narcissist” on Artist Sounds. Isaiah McLaughlin makes his first appearance on our music blog with the release of a trendy new experimental record worth that second listen. According to the artist; every song that he has and will upload to SoundCloud has been written, sung, produced, mixed and mastered by him. Having complete control of your sound really explains why Isaiah McLaughlin has been able to cultivate a sound that is so fresh and original. He literally doesn’t sound like any other artists that is out for that matter — and some may even say he has a Michael Jackson-esque vibe. The song ‘Narcissist’ reeks of potential and falling in to the category of ‘experimental’ will possibly allow the artist to stand out for open-minded listeners who crave something new. One thing is for sure — don’t sleep on this song or this artist. You can stream more of his work right now on SoundCloud.