Jason Caldwell Music - Forbidden Lies, Sinful Eye's

Listen to Forbidden Lies, Sinful Eye's by Jason Caldwell Music on Artist Sounds! "I had no idea that my guitar would lead to my seeing of many parts of the world, nor could I see it leading me into the arms of a woman who would become my wife in a way like something in a romantic novel." says Atlanta, Georgia musician Jason Caldwell. "At 39 years of age, music is still my first love and the dream that I cannot quit." And he shows his incredible talent and true love for his music in his new hit single Forbidden Lies, Sinful Eye's. From every strum of the guitars, to every note hit by the vocalist, this song is a masterpiece to go down in history with the likes of Metallica and many other world famous bands. Connect with this artist and stream more from them on SoundCloud.

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