JD Hi Hello - Do Or Die

JD Hi Hello

Listen to Do Or Die by JD Hi Hello on Artist Sounds. JD Hi Hello shared with his fans on Soundcloud a new single "Do Or Die" from his EP "Momentarily Silent." JD Hi Hello already has a decent fan base from songs he did like Back Against The Wall and One Minute which you can also find and listen to by connecting with him on his Soundcloud. 

Quotable Lyrics:

-Never A finalist on your list, probably not qualify
-I'm a trainwreck, Doctor's visit...
-I need my brain checked "Checked" like a Nike Emblem
-I figure way's to get in some shit! No direction, just a exit
-You could probably guess the outcome
-I blame it on boredom, it's the whore of my life
-It's gruesome, throw a fit like a tailor, bad behavior
-Having a tantrum I'm two something else A diamond in the dirt

Artist Soundsrap, hiphop