Jeeves Tha Dfector - '90 Til Infinity 2 (Takin It Back)

jeeves tha dfector

Give a listen to '90 Til Infinity 2 (Takin It Back) by Jeeves Tha Dfector on Artist Sounds! Jeeves Tha Dfector hails from Carthage, NC. Jeeves (aka Brandon Barber) is an MC/producer who specializes in hip-hop, but has been known to foray into other forms of electronically produced music. He has been making music for the past 12 years, and loves discovering new styles and elements to incorporate into his music. Jeeves's latest track, '90 Til Infinity 2 (Takin It Back) was self-written, performed, and recorded, while Jacob Loyd was in charge of mixing and mastering the track. Check out '90 Til Infinity 2 (Takin It Back), and stay tuned for more of Jeeves Tha Dfector's work!

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