Jimmy La-Mer - Zone (Video)

Check out the video for Zone by Jimmy La-Mer on Artist Sounds! Jimmy La-Mer is an artist based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A multi-talented individual, La-Mer is an singer, songwriter, rapper, and designer all in one, and has been making music since 2009. He believes in using your natural gifts and working hard, and it's paid off, with La-Mer releasing his first demo project Not4$sale in 2016 to high acclaim. His latest track, Zone, is an expression of Jimmy's thoughts on his direction in life and the journey of finding yourself. Featuring Kid Vangoe, Zone is an introspective track that sets poetry to a soulful accompaniment, and will stay with you long after the video ends. Watch the video on YouTube and keep an eye out for more of Jimmy La-Mer's work.