J-Miccs dropped a new song called "Shawty Back In Town"

Take a second to listen to J-Miccs and his new song “Shawty Back In Town” on Artist Sounds. Sure to be an instant emotional banger, J-Miccs comes to us with a trendy new record worth that second listen. This song has a lot of potential and we can’t say enough about this newcomer to the Alternative Hip Hop scene. He brings a crooner-like presence to this up-tempo record that shows off glimpses of R&B as well. J-Miccs is hard to put under a certain genre category because his music seems to cross those genre borders. He could even very well fall under Pop. No matter what genre he ends up being classified as, one thing is for sure. He has a knack for making music and an ear for making quality records. Some people just don’t have an ear for it. It’s hard to make music you think people will like but if you have a good ear, you can trust it and know when you have created a hit. Get more familiar with this song and with J-Miccs today!

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