Jonte Swang dropped a new song called "Jhene Aiko"


Stop what you’re doing and stream the song “Jhene Aiko” by Jonte Swang on Artist Sounds. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jonte Swang; he is a talented recording artist on the rise in Longview, Texas. LeDaledric Jonte’ Williams started out singing to young ladies in the hallways of Longview High School and under the name Luxury; Jonte’ was asked to join the local group, the UnderGround Boyz (UGB). Two years of UGB’s ups and downs, the group split up and went their separate ways. After graduating high school in 2010, Swang sought out various music institutions to go in-depth within his knowledge of the music industry. October 2010, Jonte’ started attending classes at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. In Arizona, Swang changed his name from Luxury to Wille’. During his time attending CRAS, Wille’ gained a extensive knowledge base around the technical side of creating music. He then began to work on various personal and group collaborative projects. Swang graduated from CRAS and moved back to Longview where he began audio engineering and producing for various artist while attending school once again for a BA in sciences and communications. With the popularity of artist making All Star label groups 2012, Wille’ joined two other promising artist from Longview. Once again, the group did not come to pass and Wille’ was forced to focus on his career solo. Four years later, Wille’ had a new vision, new ideas, and a new concept to his music. With this new vision came the new name, currently known as Jonte’ Swang. Currently, Swang is independent and looks to take his music career as far as he can sharing his views on peace, love, struggle, and sex through the lyrics of his music. Don’t sleep on this song or this artist - you can stream more of his work on SoundCloud.