Jordan Kent - Alive

jordan kent

Listen to Alive by Jordan Kent on Artist Sounds. Jordan Kent's lead single from debut EP "The Heart Project" is an uplifting, inspirational song that stays optimistic while discussing struggles, tribulations, self doubt, and life battles. Hit play and dig deep into the meaning behind it all. Still virtually unknown and thriving off the passion for creating and performing music, and it clearly seems not for the pursuit of income or status, Jordan Kent is reaching out through his tracks to inspire and motivate his listeners to chase their dreams, truly believe in themselves, and never give up. Jordan Kent is a 26 year old Hip Hop artist & Indie Singer-Songwriter from the Orange County / Los Angeles area, originally hailing all the way from West Wallsend, Australia. Starting out freestyle rapping around age 11-12, his ever evolving style and tone continues to add new elements and mixtures of fresh sounds that feels unique, and like a breath of fresh air to a stale, saturated industry.