JREXXX - (R)eal (EX)pensive


Stop what you're doing and check out this new single from JREXXX titled '(R)eal (EX)pensive' on Artist Sounds. JREXXX is an up and coming artist from Richmond, VA who not only writes his own music but produces his own beats as well. He's just a teenager so why not invest in the time to produce and write your own art? More artists and millennial musicians are starting to pick up a beat software platform and go after it. Eventually you'll obviously get good or at least get to a point where you impress yourself which will pay off in the end. JREXXX showcases a lot of potential and we are excited to hear his future work. This is an artist to look out for and you can stay up to date with his latest music right now on Soundcloud.

Artist Soundshiphop, rap