Jstar Hefner - Don't Waste My Time

Jstar Hefner

Listen to Don't Waste My Time by Jstar Hefner on Artist Sounds. Jstar Hefner is looking to make a big name for himself with his hot new single "Don't Waste My Time" on Soundcloud. He was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island but is currently residing in Portland, Maine. Jstar Hefner isn't new to the music scene by any means he has been catching his fans attention with top songs like "Jumpin, My Shit and Don't Waste My Time" which seems to be the real fan favorite as of now. He teamed up with producer SM Tracks/Beats Mechanics for assistance with his sound and craft. Learn more about Jstar Hefner and his new song on Juss Russ Radio. 

Artist Soundsrap, hiphop