Judi3x - Rockstar


Listen to Rockstar by Judi3x on Artist Sounds. Hip-Hop recording artist Judi3x is looking to make a big name for himself with his new release on Soundcloud called "Rockstar." Judi3x is a 16 year old engineer/producer whose dream is to make it into the music industry with his epic sound. 


Told My Ex imma’ be a Rockstar, skinny jeans, blue hair looking’ like a retard. I just wanna’ have some fun fun, maybe go get drunk, she never has fun, too worried bout’ her man. Aye, baby take my hand, yeah, baby take my hand and ill show you how to plan. Ill show you how to man, yeah, ill show you how to plan. Yeah ill show you how to party, show you how to party yuh