Just Another Lil Bih dropped a new song called "11:38"

just another lil bih.JPG

Stop what your’e doing and take a listen to the song “11:38” by Just Another Lil Bih on Artist Sounds. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Just Another Lil Bih; he is a talented Hip Hop recording artist on the rise in San Jose, California. With the second song to drop this year by JustAnotherLilBih (J.A.L.B) "11:38" represents a striking contrast to the first trap banger released in "Hoodie Season" and speaks to the true emotional content and themes present in all JA's music. With new music coming soon, JALB will bring a different unique style and approach from the bay area that isn't just the same usual bland autotune filled tracks most are used to putting out. Just Another Lil Bih looks to go against the grain and show the world a vision for the new modern Hip Hop recording artist. He wants to take it back to real music and if he keeps making records like this — he will do just that. Follow Just Another Lil Bih on SoundCloud today to hear more of his already released music.

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