Kael Troxel - Birthday (Feat. Shao Dre)

kael troxel.JPG

Stop what you're doing and check out this new song from Kael Troxel called "Birthday" featuring Shao Dre on Artist Sounds. Kael Troxel is a Hip Hop recording artist based in Riverside, CA looking to expose his sound to the masses. According to the artist "Kael Troxel" this song is the first release in promotion for his upcoming project called the "94 EP" which doesn't have an official release date yet but is set to release soon. Kael Troxel has a very professional sound and the first thing you notice when listening to this song is the fact that you could picture yourself discovering it on the radio - it's that good. It's never easy making a Birthday track and Kael Troxel simply murdered his contribution to the day we all share once a year. Don't sleep on this artist or this record, you can follow him right no on SoundCloud.

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