Kayden - Amsterdam

amsterdam by kayden.JPG

Stop what you're doing and check out this new song from electro-pop recording artist Kayden titled 'Amsterdam', on Artist Sounds. After having been born alongside the coast New Jersey, Kayden began his musical journey in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands, where he spent almost 10 years growing up. He spent the majority of his childhood playing multiple sports, baseball of which he eventually played in college for Illinois Wesleyan University as a center fielder. He used his bachelor's degree to first work inside the accounting and finance world of Chicago, and then drifted towards the Sports Media industry while obtaining his master's degree in business administration at DePaul University in Chicago. After eventually settling in Chicago, it became clear to Kayden that music was evidently going to play a big role in his life moving forward. Influenced by late 90's rock 'n' roll and early 2000's hip hop, Kayden uses attributes developed early on in life to apply to modern day pop music, ranging anywhere from drifting towards an EDM market to seeking comfort behind his acoustic guitar. When looking at his ability to strain together tough vocals in a Harry Styles-like manner alongside an appealing flow, combined with his incredible passion for songwriting, Kayden is destined to make some serious noise in the industry come the very near future. Stream more on Soundcloud!

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