Khalif Bryant shares new song called "Mary"

Stop what you’re doing and listen to the song “Mary” by Khalif Bryant on Artist Sounds. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Khalif Bryant; he is a talented Hip Hop recording artist making his first appearance on our music blog with a song worth that second listen. Upon first listen you can tell a few things about Khalif Bryant that separate him from other artists. Those things include his voice and how many layers he adds to his music ultimately bringing depth. When it comes to Hip-Hop it isn’t uncommon to just play the beat and go in. Khalif Bryant wants to give listeners an experience and he understands that requires something called ‘ear food’. It’s adding and thinking about the little things in the background or just the left ear or right ear and layer that are all considered ‘ear food’. Khalif Bryant is new to our radar but clearly he has taken the time to get good at what he does. Don’t sleep on this song or on Khalif Bryant. You can follow him on Spotify and other music streaming platforms to stay up to date with his latest releases.

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