Kobe Cam - Brnd Nw

kobe cam

Give a listen to Brnd Nw by Kobe Cam on Artist Sounds! Kobe Cam is a raper based in Louisville, KY. Coming up from the grime of the Rochester streets, Kobe Cam is the classic misguided youth trying to find an identity in society's hypocrisy. At just 21 years old, Kobe is already an accomplished artist, and he is on his way to the top. Brnd Nw started out as a freestyle, expressing Kobe's thoughts and feelings in the moment. After tinkering with the mixing for a while, Kobe finally hit on a combination he liked, and the final track was born. Check out Brnd Nw on SoundCloud today, and keep an eye out for more of Kobe Cam's work.

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