KO Beverly - Meditate (Official Video)

2019 have you feeling a little stressed out? You may need to watch the new music video called “Meditate” by KO Beverly on Artist Sounds and get your spirits up. Hip hop artist KO Beverly is taking the rap game to new heights and crushing his contenders on the way up. His new track Meditate provides him with a key to success, possibly turning into one of the reasons his fan base begins to grow exponentially. Line after line, verse after verse, KO Beverly gives us a flawlessly delivered product, with rhymes so tough, they'll hit you in the chest. The production is a solid A+, with a beat that will have you jumping from the 0 minutes, 01 second mark, and crisp clear vocals from the artist himself. Meditate could easily become a fan favorite, so creating a music video to go with it was one of the best moves possible. The music video is just as great as the song, bringing visuals to match the epic beat and taunting lyrics conjured by our spotlight artist. But not only does the video increase the worth of the song, it attaches you to the product even more. Connect and stream more from this artist on YouTube.

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