Kulture Free-Dem - Honey Smoke

Ever so often, you need to feel real emotion, talent, and grit. If you give Honey Smoke by Kulture Freedem on Artist Sounds a listen, you’ll get your fix. New York artist Kulture Freedem is no stranger to knowing exactly what an audience wants to hear, and also no stranger to creating timeless pieces of work. With his smashing new hit song Honey Smoke, his musical expertise is brought out to the forefront to be set on display. He is no amateur, and in this track you can hear his musical expertise expand and captivate. Honey Smoke has a sound like no other and this track is simply breathtaking and diverse. It meets all the required aspects of a seasoned sounding classic, while managing to at the same time sound intriguingly fresh, with its dawning and intense instrumentation, pumping old school bass, and wildly addictive lyrics by the artist. It also brings multiple components together to make a one in a million piece. Catch more from this artist and connect with them on SoundCloud.

Vinny Hugheshiphop