Ku$h O'Keefe - Bag Right (2017)

Bag Right Cover Art.jpg

Check out the latest new song from Ku$h O'Keefe called 'Bag Right' on Artist Sounds. This Palestine, TX native has been winning over new music fans with his industry sound. 'Bag Right', is a catchy Alternative Rap record with an up-tempo melody over heavy 808 production. According to the Artist: "Bag Right" is a song about just having it all together and the feeling of it. When your pocket is right. It's a good feeling. Nothing like having a big wad of cash and nobody can tell you what to do with it. Ku$h O'Keefe produced and wrote this song and actually has produced and wrote all of his music which makes his sound that much more impressive. You can stream 'Bag Right' and other songs from this artist on Soundcloud.

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