LaRome Golden - 10 Bricks

Listen to “10 Bricks” by LaRome Holden on Artist Sounds. LaRome Holden is a rising star on independent Hip-Hop scene, and his new single “10 Bricks” looks to stretch his reign of dominance as breakthrough the first quarter of 2019. LaRome Golden has relied on the use of monetized platforms such as Spotify to release his music to the world and build a core fanbase to support his movement. His sound is described as gritty, authentic, and a modern-day version of ghetto-gospel for those music listeners who know all about life on the hustle, and enduring struggle. “10 Bricks”, up to this point is one of the hardest songs in LaRome’s catalog! Not because of the beat, or because he crafted some type of catchy ass hook for listeners to chew on all day. But rather because of the passion and conviction that comes off on this track. The rising emcee using this song to provide an anthem for all of his brothers and sisters in the streets that are hustling on a daily trying to provide for their loved ones. Regardless of how they get it done, you have to respect a true hustler that does what is necessary to see their family eat. Follow LaRome Golden on Spotify to hear more music from the up and coming Hip-Hop superstar. Take a listen to “10 Bricks” by LaRome Golden on Artist Sounds.

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