Leaving Emerald City - Down By Cool Waters

Stop what you’re doing and stream a new song from ‘Leaving Emerald City Band’ called “Down By Cool Waters” on Artist Sounds. The song “Down By Cool Waters” is an acoustic singer songwriter/rock song. It has a southern-rock/gospel feel with a hint of northwest alternative. It was written by Isaiah Gleason and Aaron Balsley from WA state. The song was initially inspired by Isaiah Gleason who was sitting along the shore and felt so at peace that he was overwhelmed with appreciation for what God has given him. You can hear his appreciation in this soulful performance that is sure to turn heads. Upon first listen you can tell that Leaving Emerald City Band is a crew of professionals who have an identity and clear direction their looking to take their sound. They aren’t trying to be too many things at once — just themselves. Take some time to get more familiar with Leaving Emerald City and their work. We can’t wait to get you guys caught up on new music!

Nellz Bacardirock