Lil Germ & Leavelle - Strange Things


Stop what you’re doing and check out this new song called “Strange Things” by Lil Germ & Leavelle.  Leavelle & Lil Germ are rappers from Northern Kentucky making their debut on Artist Sounds with their new single “Strange Things”.  At just 14 and 19 years old the two brothers created a song that is basically about well... strange things that they notice but don't like to get involved with.  These two young men show their intelligence in this song "Strange Things". Lil Germ & Leavelle are setting a very mature example for their generation. Showing viewers their age that its ok to do something different rather than selling drugs or other activities that will lead to landing in jail or worse, dead.  Leavelle & Lil Germ are just trying to do something different, something legendary, and at the same time something you will enjoy.  Click the link above and follow these two young kings on their path to make a difference.

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