LIL JUTT 512 - Pain Pillz


Take a listen to Pain Pillz by LIL JUTT 512 on Artist Sounds. LIL JUTT 512 is an up and coming artist based in Texas who kind of went M.I.A for the last 4 years before releasing this new record. Pain Pillz is a clever and trendy rap record that will resonate with many young Hip Hop fans who live a little on the wild side. LIL JUTT 512 is on a mission not only to put on for his city but to also find a way out. Music is something he knows he's good at and if he can make a few records to feed his family, that is exactly what he's going to do. Don't sleep on this artist or this record, you can follow LIL JUTT 512 on SoundCloud and get notified about his latest uploads.

Tiana Malonerap