Lil Sleep - No HollyGrove (Feat. MixBr33d)

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Stop what you're doing and check out the song "No HollyGrove" by Lil Sleep featuring MixBr33d on Artist Sounds. Lil Sleep and MIxBr33d both make their debut on to Artist Sounds with a trendy new rap single that boasts lots of potential. In the song "No Hollygrove" Lil Sleep wanted to let the listener know that he isn't from Hollygrove, but still knows what it's like to have to deal with street issues. More artists seem to reference Hollygrove in their songs as though they are living those struggles everyday. Lil Sleep doesn't think it makes sense to claim credit for experiences you haven't gone through. No Hollygrove is a song that gives respect to the struggles of New Orleans, while letting people know what Lil Sleep is about. Don't sleep on this record or this artist. You can stream more music from him on SoundCloud.

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