Love MoveMint Music - A Man (Dubstep Version)


Stop what you’re doing and stream the song “A Man” Dubstep version by Love MoveMint Music on Artist Sounds. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Love MoveMint Music; it consists of a talented producer looking to develop his own sound and showcase it with the world. Using popular music streaming platforms such as ‘SoundCloud’, to showcase your creativity is smart. Using it to show off your own versions to songs that are trending and or well liked by the masses is simply genius! Love MoveMint Music is on a mission and one that they will attain if they keep this mentality up. Taking the popular song by Travis Scott called “A Man”, and creating a DubStep version proved to be a smart and effective move by the young producer. Looking to show off his own sound one may think why even start with a base such as one that was created from someone else? Well the better question is why not? Why not make it better in some way. Why not make it easier on the ears for people who enjoy a particular style of music. Or how about you stop tripping and let Love MoveMint Music shine!