Luke Wynn - Be Original

luke wynn

Check out Be Original by Luke Wynn on Artist Sounds! Luke Wynn is an artist based in Reno, Nevada. This talented artist is a rapper, singer, musician, producer, writer, and audio engineer all in one, and there are very few artists out there who can do what Luke Wynn does. The effort he puts in to every track shows in the great quality music he releases, and no matter what, Wynn always gives credit to God for gracing him with his gifts. Wynn's latest track, Be Original, questions the nature of originality in today's society, calling out imitators who believe they are on top of the world. The song, featuring cello by Joseph Tatum, is a call for all Wynn's listeners to truly 'Be Original' and question the norms of our society. Give it a listen on SoundCloud and keep an eye out for more of Luke Wynn's work.

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