Mahir Can Kucuk - Urfanın Etrafı Dumanlı Dağlar

Mahir Can Kucuk

Listen to Urfanin Etrafi Dumanli Daglar by Mahir Can Kucuk on Artist Sounds. Besides being a writer, arranger and producer, Mahir Can Kucuk is a vocalist who featured classical, traditional, and contemporary music in his repertoire. He is able to sing microtonally, with knowledge of Turkish and Egyptian microtonal tradition. He plays baglama, bass guitar, piano, guitar and hand percussion. Urfa'nın Etrafı Dumanlı Dağlar is a well known Traditional Folk song from Şanlıurfa, Turkey. Mahir Can Küçük harmonized and arranged the -originally monophonic- song, played the baglama, fretless bass guitar, frame drum, sang the vocals and produced the song. The song's melody shows the sincere Kurdish and Turkish blend. This interpretation of the song is very different than the previous versions of the song by other artists. Mahir wanted to express the sentimental character as sincerely as possible. You will experience the Turkish hicaz maqam and the characteristic melodic ornamentations of the region. Connect with your favorite artist on Facebook