Malik Gita x Magikel - Transform (Video)

Check out Transform by Malik Gita x Magikel on Artist Sounds! Malik Gita x Magikel hail from South Africa. As founders of NBL Entertainment, Malik and Magikel are aiming for the top of the industry. Magikel has worked with Grammy-winning artists and producers to create diverse sounds blending hip-hop, afrobeats, trap, and more, while Malik Gita, with ten years in the rap game, has built a wide fan base in the USA, Jamaica, Japan, and South Africa. Reggar artist Mason opens their latest anthem with his groovy sound, with Magikel building up to an intense bass drop. Malik Gita adds his own flavor with hard-hitting lyrics and a powerful sound to create an instant hit. Watch Transform on YouTube today!

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