Marco Tha Gr8 - Cruise Around Da World

Listen to “Cruise Around Da World” by Marco Tha GR8 on Artist Sounds. Up and coming Hip-Hop sensation, Marco Tha Gr8 dropped in with a new banger that caters to the weed connoisseurs of the Hip-Hop community. The single entitled “Cruise Around Da World”, is a smooth mellow vibe that really displays the more introspective and lyrical side of Marco. Up to this point, he has built a niche for being able to craft a catchy record for his fans to enjoy, but this time around he brings a little more depth and substance to the table. In typical Marco Tha Gr8 fashion, he successfully takes a subject such as smoking weed and is able to put his own creative twist on it to make something interesting and fun for fans to experience. For an artist, touching on a topic like this (marijuana), is a sure way to get people interested in your content. Regardless of how you feel about it, marijuana is always going to be a prominent element within Hip-Hop culture, so Marco knew what he was doing when he dropped this joint! Follow Marco Tha Gr8 on Spotify to hear more music from the rising star’s catalog. Stream “Cruise Around Da World” now by Marco Tha Gr8 on Artist Sounds.

Tiana Malonehiphop