Milele Nyx - Love Me

milele nyx

Check out Love Me by Milele Nyx on Artist Sounds! Milele Nyx is an artist based in San Francisco, CA. A one-of-a-kind producer and writer, Milele Nyx is a uniquely soulful artist, and she draws listeners in with her beautiful melodies and clever lyricism. Nyx uses catchy beats and conscious lyrics in each song, and her music ranges from soulful to playful to satirical, proving her versatility as an artist. Love Me is a playful take on the common confusions in a relationship, the uncertainty of wondering where the relationship is going. With a strong electric bass, addictive chords, and smooth vocals, Love Me hooks listeners from the get-go. Give it a listen on SoundCloud and keep an eye out for more of Milele Nyx's work.

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