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Stop what you're doing and check out this new song from MKLB Music titled 'FRIENDS', on Artist Sounds. The song "Friends" is about when you're a kid throughout all those years of school, all they focus on are friends, having friends, keeping friends, losing friends, etc. As you grow older, you start to realize the majority or all of those people you considered your friend, were never really there for you and you've been doing everything alone this whole time. You finally realize that you're an adult now, friends don't matter, what matters is getting a job and having money to make ends meet and be able to live and support yourself now. But even as you do that, they still seem to come back around to use and take advantage of you, so you have to make the decision to kick all of those people to the curb and just do you. MKLB Music is an up and coming artist out of Marina, CA making relevant music and building his brand. You can stream new songs by connecting with him on Soundcloud for free streaming.

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