MoneyB - Living Right

Everyone has that one track that makes them dance uncontrollably like an idiot. Listen to “Living Right” by MoneyB on Artist Sounds and make this the track for you. It's rare that you find an artist that can do it all, but when you do it is a special moment. All the way from Houston, Texas, emerging artist and songwriter MoneyB is a promising talent full of art and creativity. His style is a prolific mix of everything that you love about the new modern rap era. His new hit track Living Right reflects his ingenious creative visions and blatant talent for this music industry. This song is amazing, with pitch perfect melodies and catchy, attracting lyrics that will definitely keep you invested. This song will become a huge hit as soon as it hits the corrects ears, so make sure you listen. Catch more from this artist and connect with them on SoundCloud.

Vinny Hughesrap