Nabiiou$ - HILFIGURES (Feat. Rizz)

Take a listen to the song "HILFIGURES" BY Nabiiou$ featuring Rizz on Artist Sounds. Nabiiou$ is a Hip Hop recording artist from Perth, Western Australia or as they call it "THE 6K". The song boasts smooth vocals, deeper meanings and the hope to achieve better. Nabiiou$ and Rizz bring a fresh new sound to the Hip Hop community and a song that speaks on the come up and can really help motivate others just from listening to it. For this to be our first time getting exposed to these artists they definitely left a great impression and we can't wait to see what they come up with next. Stay tuned and when you get the chance shoot Nabiiou$ a follow on SoundCloud and exchange you can stream his latest songs and releases for free.

Nabiiou$Artist Soundshiphop, rap