Neethusha Cherckal - Why Did I Lose You

neethusha cherckal

Check out Why Did I Lose You by Neethusha Cherckal on Artist Sounds! Neethusha Cherckal is a pop artist from India. Her song is dedicated to all those who have lost someone and suffered that pain. The artist herself says "Sometimes life brings the most wonderful people into your life, and just when your heart has grown immensely fond of them, rips them away from you. The only option we have is to struggle, accept the pain and move on." Why Did I Lose You is a poignant, emotional song that taps into a listener's inner emotions. Neethusha's vocals suit the track perfectly, and the song will stay with you long after it has ended. Give Why Did I Lose You a listen on SoundCloud today and keep an eye out for more of Neethusha's work.

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