Newsom Music - Green Light (Lorde Remix)

Stop what you're doing and check out the song "Green Light" by Newsom on Artist Sounds. The song was originally written and performed by Lorde but Newsom decided to put a happier touch on it giving the song a heavy EDM feel. For those of you who aren't yet familiar with Newsom - he is a multi-talented producer who makes Electronic music while studying away at college. His sound is fresh, original and sounds like something you would expect from someone who has been perfecting their craft for years. It easy to see that Newsom has a bright future in the Electronic community if he continues to connect with fans in a way that's engaging. Remaking their favorite tracks is a great way to get the conversation started. Don't sleep on this record or this producer, you can check out more of his work right now on SoundCloud.

Tiana Maloneelectronic