Nique The Geek - G.O.T (Mixtape)

nique the geek

Check out G.O.T (Mixtape) by Nique The Geek on Artist Sounds! Nique The Geek hails from Columbia, SC. The progressive-rap artist earned the title 'The Geek' from his plethora of talents, including songwriting, rapping, producing, and engineering. Influenced by artists like Travis Scott, Andre 3000, and Lil Wayne, Nique has cultivated his own sound over the years and has opened for big-name acts across the East Coast. His latest mixtape, G.O.T, has a futuristic sound, ranging from warm and conscious interludes to high-energy anthems with soulful vocals. Listen to G.O.T today and stay tuned for more by Nique The Geek!

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