Nevrmind - Errthing Balenciaga


Stop what you’re doing and take a moment to check out this new song called “Errthing Balenciaga” by NVM. NVM is an extravagant artist from Los Angeles, California making his debut on Artist Sounds. Formerly known as Dudley Alexander, NVM is known from always being seen with Yo Gotti, ghost writing, as well as the Televised show NY Star.  This song "Errthing Balenciaga" is about the flashy lifestyle and wearing the exclusive brand Balenciaga. The message behind this song by NVM is exclusivity. While the rest of the world is talking about Gucci, NVM levels up and sings about Balenciaga.  NVM has partnered with the Balenciaga Brand to provide some free gear to his listeners. Click the link below to follow NVM and to figure out the details on receiving some cool free apparel.