I-NZ - American Dude (Prod. by Evelution Beats)

american dude.JPG

Stop what you're doing and check out this new record from I-NZ called 'American Dude', on Artist Sounds. I-NZ teamed up with producer Evelution Beats to bring a thoughtful record together that infuses hip hop and a multi-cultural sound. Born in Scotland to Iraqi parents, his cultural diversity shines throughout his music creating a marked uniqueness within a highly competitive and heavily talented environment. Raised in a household of lawyers with a deep interest in politics, I-NZ’s music can occasionally have a slight political undertone. With inspirations & influencers such as The Narcicyst and Omar Offendum, I-NZ is passionate about marrying Hip-hop with Arab Culture. This was our first time being exposed to music from I-NZ and hopefully this is the first of many. The sound has an upbeat conscious listening element that draws you in and before you know it your bopping to something that makes sense and at the same time introduces you to a new culture and style of music. This song is fresh and we look forward to its success as it reaches more listeners across the states. If you like this song you can connect with I-NZ on his official SoundCloud page fore more music.

Artist Soundsworld, experimental